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YELLOW YAM (Kgs) $1.50 ▲  WHITE YAM (Kgs) $1.80 SWEET YAM (Kgs)  $3.50 ▲   NEGRO YAM (Kgs) $2.13 SWEET POTATOES (Kgs)  $0.60 ▼    IRISH POTATOES (Kgs) $2.10 ▼  DASHEEN (Kgs) $1.00 ▼  COCO (Kgs) $1.10 ▼   SCOTCH BONNET (Kgs) $1.45 ▼       WEST INDIAN RED (Kgs) $0.80 ▼     THYME (Kgs)  $2.82 ▲  ESCALLION (Kgs) $0.84 ▲    ONION  (Kgs) $1.70 ▼     GINGER (Kgs) $2.13 ▼   TUMERIC (Kgs) $1.45 ▼    CANTALOUPE (Lb)$0.85 ▼  HONEYDEW MELON (Lb) $1.00 ▼     WATER MELON (Lb)  $0.43 ▼    PAPAYA (Lb) $0.58 ▼       PINEAPPLE Cow Boy (Lb) $0.70 ▼     PINEAPPLE MD2 (Lb) $0.85 ▼      PINEAPPLE Sugar Loaf (Lb) $0.70 ▼   PLANTAIN Green (Lb) $0.50 ▲      PLANTAIN Ripe (Lb) $0.48 ▼   BANANA Green (Lb) $0.28 ◼︎       SORREL  (Lb) $1.50 ▼     BROCCOLI (Lb) $1.45 ▼     CABBAGE Green (Lb) $0.43 ▲    CALLALOO Whole (Lb)  $0.28▲     CARROT (Lb) $0.43 ▼       CAULIFLOWER  (Lb) $2.00 ▼     CUCUMBER (Lb) $0.14 ▲     LETTUCE Iceberg (Lb) $2.00 ▼    LETTUCE Romaine (Lb) $3.48 ▼   PAK CHOI  (Lb) $0.28 ◼︎   OKRA (Lb) $0.56 ◼︎     PUMKIN  (Lb) $0.36 ◼︎         STRING BEAN (Lb) $1.00 ▼       SWEET PEPPER Green (Lb) $1.00 ◼︎      SWEET PEPPER GREEN Green House (Lb) $1.70 ◼︎    SWEET PEPPER Red (Lb) $3.40 ◼︎    SWEET PEPPER RED Green House (Lb) $2.40 ▼     SWEET PEPPER Yellow (Lb) $3.40 ◼︎    SWEET PEPPER YELLOW Green House (Lb) $3.00 ▼  TOMATOES Plummy (Lb) $0.64▲  TOMATOES Salad (Lb) $0.99 ▼   


Farmers • Artisans • Manufacturers • Distributors

Enter your information below and click the Register Button. An OEX Agent will contact you to help set up your store.




Accept Global Payments

You can now accept and make payments securely right from your OEX Markets Dashboard with OEXONE Multi-Currency Wallet, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Direct Bank Deposit. 

OEXONE fully integrated payment gateway brings international  payment processing to your store with convenience, security.

Verify Trading Partners

Rest assured with our OEX Trade Point KYC of trading partners and beneficiaries. Whether it is an individual or company, we take care that due diligence and verification is done for anyone using our platform.

OEXONE Platform and OEX Markets principle ensures a secure and worry-free trading environment that protects both buyer and seller against fraud.

OEX Trade Assurance

OEX Trade Point and Shipping Insurance, powered by our partnership with one of the top rated insurance company in the Caribbean,  that has developed a cargo insurance policy that will ensure your cargo is protected during shipment to your facility.

When you add insurance OEX Markets purchases at checkout; you are guaranteed the best marine cargo insurance rates and speedy claims settlement, in case of loss or damage to your cargo.


OEX Trade Point and OEX Markets use its network to help customers/vendors manage their goods most efficiently throughout their supply chains. At the top of our value proposition is an intense customer service culture that connects our team worldwide.

OEXCargo provides First-in-class services to land, sea, and air whether it is freight transportation, supply chain solutions, warehousing, packaging, customs, or brokerage solutions.

Call Center Services

OEX Trade Point and OEX Markets can help customers/ vendors manage their business outsourcing most efficiently throughout their supply chains. OEX CARE CENTER is ready to help you stay open for business 24/7/365.


Add OEXMarkets to Your Salesforce.

The world never sleeps. OEX Account Managers are ready to help you stay open for business 24/7/365.
 You and your customers can reach us by Email, Text or Telephone.





Register your business for free and reserve your unique store name. Your name will be reserved for 7 days. Activate a store plan to lock in your store name. Free professional email address included.



Get a subscription plan that fits the size of your business. You can activate your account by choosing a subscription plan right after you have reserved your store name. No credit card needed to pay for your subscription.



OEX Advisors or Agents will be more than happy to help you every step and fully assist you in listing your products. OEX Markets plans come with support with setting up your store hassle free. No technical skills required.



After your store is verified, you are Good to GO! Start Selling To The World !. Get free training on how to market and run your online business. As a added Bonus, your business will be featured in our global marketing catalogue.



Join OEX Markets and share your store link with the millions buyers around the world. Share your store link with your existing customers and discover new ones online. Use our Free integrated social media tools to  link your social media accounts.



OEX Markets dashboard makes it easy to track orders, sales, backorders, create coupons, create flash sales, shipping, update stocks, print reports, manage customers’ inquiries, create store holidays. Easily transfer monies directly to your bank in multiple currencies.


Here are a few frequent questions and answers.

OEX Markets is the #1 Caribbean Commodities and Food Trading Platform. OEX Markets is the modern way to sell and market fresh and processed food products to distributors, wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants, agro-processors, healthcare and educational facilities, NGOs, hotels, governments, and pharmaceutical industries. OEX Markets also provide equipment and supplies for the foodservice and hospitality industries.

OEX Markets provide access to thousands of farmers and producers in our distribution network throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. 

We facilitate trade in a safe, efficient, and modern Fintech environment that is collaborative to drive profitability, reduce waste and cost to market throughout the supply chain while facilitating food security.

YES! You as a buyer have free access to OEX Markets to find products you will buy. We enroll only trusted and verified sellers. OEX Markets has a robust search engine for buyers to find products to feed your supply chain. We continue to add suppliers every day to help your business grow.

Sellers are typically farmers, producers, agricultural cooperatives of crops, agro-processors, manufacturer or suppliers of farm inputs.

All vendors and sellers are verified by OEX Markets before being onboarded and approved for our platform through the OEX Markets Sellers Trade (KYC) process, to keep our marketplace credibly.

All vendors/sellers can reserve their very own store domain on OEX Markets free of cost. We will reserve your OEX Store space for 7 days before its release by the system. Once you are ready to build out your store, we will help you to add photos, upload a banner image, fill out the vendor’s name, email, phone number, username and we can also set a password for you that you can change when you activate your account.

You can activate your account by choosing and subscribing to a plan right after you have reserved your store domain. 

All OEX Markets paid membership packages offer support in setting up your business and customer care support while your subscription is active. OEX Markets Diamond to Titan membership includes dedicated phone and email support from an OEX Account Managers. Finding the right buyers for your products just got easier

All vendors/sellers can attach their social media links in their store profile. You can share your products with all your friends to buy from your store and you have the potential of reaching millions of buyers on these platforms.

OEX Markets Vendors can reach millions of businesses around the world 24/7/365.

We ensure that your product listing has a complete and correct title, correct category listing, and information. This information helps customers easily find items they will want to purchase from your store. We recommend you share your store link also on all your marketing material both digital and other media.

OEX Markets provides a safe and secure environment for buyers and sellers. OEX Markets platform uses modern Fintech and Blockchain Technology to Make Trade Easy and seamless throughout the value chain, backed by our OEX Trade Point Platform.

The OEX Trade Point -Know-Your-Customer (KYC) is the process by which we use to verify the identity of the OEX Markets and OEX Trade Point users, assessing their trustworthiness and reliability to perform and deliver on the transactions they are willing to engage in.

Vendors: OEX Markets charges a monthly Vendor /Sellers fee depending on the features and support you require and subscribe to.

Buyers: OEX Markets charges small transaction free for processing Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, LC or BGs. Our fees are based on the transaction’s value & volume.

We Make Trade Easy on OEX Markets using a secure payment gateway build for global trade with confidence. We handle payments by, OEXONE Wallet, Direct Bank Transfers, LC, BG, Credit, and Debit Cards.

OEX Markets Vendor Dashboard allows you to set up your banking credentials to withdraw money from the sale of your store directly to your local bank. You can also transfer money from your OEX ONE Wallet to your bank directly.

All OEX Markets Vendors have access to our international payment gateway to take payments from the major credit cards and debit cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, JCB You can also accept payments from other OEX Wallet users to your own OEXONE Wallet.

When you sign up as a buyer or vendor you are given a free OEXONE Multi-Currency Wallet to handle all trades without exposing your credit card information. The OEXONE Wallet can be funded by Direct Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, OEX Trade Vouchers, and other OEXONE Wallets.

Join OEX Markets Today & Reach Millions of Buyers.

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